Some great reviews: a Harry Potter genre for young girls?

So many wonderful positive reviews I have been receiving for the Priceless Princess. I gave out a number of paperbacks as presents, or just for fun to people I valued, for their children. I didn’t ask anyone to send a review, so receiving them has been such a pleasure.  I’ve been putting copies of the reviews on this website (See Reviews ). I was thrilled by Kristen’s suggestion. She said:

“I do hope you will write more for this age group. Quite frankly there is such rubbish around. This seems like a sort of Harry Potter genre for young girls. Please let me know if you write more soon!”

PRINT BOOK ONLY: THE SPECIAL OFFER FOR AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS ONLY is still available, but not for long.  The book is now listed for sale through all good bookstores.
PURCHASE FROM THE WEBSITE: There will soon be a purchase button on the site using Paypal Express Checkout. Price:  A$12.99 including postage.
MULTIPLE COPIES: A special multiple copy price is available from the publishers, contact Blackwing Press directly by mail or email:

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