snake-and-bilbiesI’ve had great feedback from everyone who has read the print copies of the book which have been distributed in Australia. I was especially pleased with the following, from a woman I don’t know personally and have never met. She is a professional psychologist who works with children, and read the story to her little girls.

We finished the book today- it took us three sittings. My girls are 6 and a half (twins).
Afterwards I asked them their opinion for feedback to the author.
They said they “loved it loved it loved it”. I asked them what they liked
about it- one said that there were animals in it. Was it scary?  They  did not think so. The only thing that scared my animal-lover-daughter was the thought of the snake king eating the cute bilbies. I asked them if there was anything they did not like about the book and they said no.

From my perspective, I liked that the book uses some big words (not just simple
words) – I like big words and use my normal vocabulary to talk to children. I
also like the messages in the story, and it was funny for me to read a kids
book with all the contemporary references to internet, tablets etc 🙂

We had a lovely time sharing the story, thank you very much for letting us
read it.


Another review, from Kristen:

I gave it to my 8yo that night and she read it in bed, in the car and the next day and was finished the next evening. She is not the most keen reader (although pretty capable it’s not an addiction as I know it for some kids) so it was a great pleasure to see her read a story so avidly. She had hoped there were more books like this one – and so do I!

I do hope you will write more for this age group. Quite frankly there is such rubbish around. This seems like a sort of Harry Potter genre for young girls. Please let me know if you write more soon – my daughter is 9yo next month so if you write for the same age group she may have moved on by then :-)!

Unfortunately reviews on Amazon Kindle’s Australian site do not appear on the US site. Here’s a five-star review from an Australian reader:

By Amazon Customer on 11 January 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

I loved reading the Priceless Princess it has everything a good book needs…. adventure, great characters, humor and a message. I couldn’t put it down once I had started reading it. I will be recommending this book to all my friends with children.


Below: The Emperor’s Throne Room: You have to feel for the poor Bilbies!



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