The story so far

This is the first Priceless Princess story. Sophronia lives a lonely life in her father’s castle in the Kingdom of Hullabaloo. Her mother is dead and her father loves her so much he is afraid to let her into the outside world. Apart from that, she can make the King do almost anything she wants, thanks to a magical ring placed on her finger by a wicked wizard when she was a baby. The King wants to find a way to remove the ring and advertises for help, but he hires the wrong wizard who turns her into a block of ice and hands her over to his son Mr. Bobby and his greedy wife Barbaraba. They make hundreds of copies of the Princess and sell them in their Toy Store and then decide to put the Princess’s frozen body for sale on an online auction. But before the auction is finished she is stolen again and taken to the horrible Empire of the Blue-Bellied Black Snakes across the Deadly Mountains.

Thanks to a beautiful white pony and the smart young Wizard of Spume she is able to escape and rescue  many wild creatures held captive by the Emperor. It is a dangerous journey, but on the way they meet some wise and helpful owls. The Princess’s ordeals away from home make her appreciate her life in the castle, but she has a new mission, to help wild creatures and the natural world they live in.


Yes there will be another story later in 2017. Princess Sophronia hears from Peg the Flying Pony that Mr Bobby and Barbaraba have set up a Pie-Shop at a beach by the Endless Sea.  But what are they putting in their pies? The Princess and the Wizard of Spume go to see for themselves, and the news is not good. In fact, IT’S DISGUSTING!


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