The story so far …

An illustrated chapter book for intermediate readers aged 7-10.

This is the first Priceless Princess story. Princess Sophronia longs to find adventure outside her father’s castle. But when she is Princessnapped and sold to the Emperor of the Blue-Bellied Black Snakes she discovers the outside world can be pretty scary. With the help of  a beautiful white pony and the smart young Wizard of Spume she discovers she has unexpected powers. She can communicate with the birds and animals around her. Using her new strength and abilities, she rescues the  creatures being held captive by the Emperor. The Princess’s ordeals away from home make her appreciate her life in the castle, but she has a new mission, to help wild creatures and the natural world they live in.


Who knows? Some recent adventures might make for another good book. Princess Sophronia hears that Mr Bobby and Barbaraba have set up a Pie-Shop at a beach by the Endless Sea.  But what are they putting in their pies? The Princess, Peg and the Wizard of Spume go to see for themselves, and the news is not good. In fact, IT’S DISGUSTING!

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