The animals and birds in The Priceless Princess

green-snake-1All the animals and birds in The Priceless Princess are real creatures who are found in Australia, and nowhere else. When complete, this page will give some photographs and discussion about the natural history of the animals and birds in The Priceless Princess. Even Australians know so little about their native wildlife. If you are fascinated by some of these creatures, start your own research project! It is great fun to build up your own knowledge and understanding, even to build your own website.  There are some great free website templates available today. You can try Wix, for example, which is ideal for young communicators.

The creatures to be pictured and discussed here are in the approximate order you meet them in the book. Of course in reality they can’t really talk, at least not in English. The Priceless Princess’s special ability is that she can understand and “talk” with the birds and animals she meets. A lot of children feel something like this when they are very young.  I know I did. I still like to sit beside animals and talk to them.  Just yesterday I was chatting to Old Man Goanna who lives in the bush behind my house. Then this morning he sent his young son round to see me. They are Lace Monitors, fortunately not a threatened species.

Old Man Goanna crop
25th November 2019: Old Man Goanna – a neighbour for many years. Over 2 metres (6 feet) long, probably more than 20 years.



The world of interspecies communication has hardly been studied but the more we find out the more amazing it is. Many people feel they can talk with their animal companions, such as their dogs and cats, and animals seem to be getting more and more able to communicate with humans, judging by the many videos we see online today. What do you think?


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