AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS: Recent changes in Australian law mean that customers based in Australia can no longer purchase books direct from the US Amazon site. This is because the Australian government wants to ensure GST is paid on all products purchased by people located in Australia. This has made book purchasing from Amazon much more complicated. Many customers have reported that they can’t buy the e-book because it is “unavailable” on the Amazon site. This is not so, the book is readily available both in ebook and print versions. But if you are trying to buy the Kindle version, you have to use an amazon.au account. The Australian site does not look the same as the US site and the prices are notably different. But the book is the same.

E-BOOKS: You can download your e-book of The Priceless Princess through the Kindle store using your Amazon.au account. However most of the additional information about the book including reviews is only visible on the US site. So if you know you want to purchase this book, use your Amazon.au account. If you are not sure or want more information about it, read about it first on the US site, then switch to the Australian site to purchase and download. You can leave reviews through your account on either site. Reviews from the US site do not show up on the Australian site.

PRINT BOOKS (Paperback):  Australian bookshops generally will not stock books from non-mainstream publishers so you won’t find this book on their shelves. But the print book is available for order through many bookshops, including their online sites. Amazon does not print in Australia, so the book has to be sent by mail/courier from the US. This is extremely expensive. So although the purchase price is shown as US$7.99 you will be charged not only the converted A$ price but postage and handling as well.

We recommend that you do not buy the print version from Amazon if you are in Australia. Instead you can easily order from Angus and Robertson, Booktopia or Book Depository, or place an order with your local bookstore which will be able to supply the book within a week or so (they can tell you around how long it will take). Or order a personal signed copy direct from the publisher, mailed anywhere in Australia. See the ABOUT page for full information about purchasing and personal orders.

If you are having any difficulty purchasing, please email the publisher blackwingpress@gmail.com



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