Generous support from some great photographers

green tree snake in blue phase

In putting together the section on Animals and Birds in the Priceless Princess I have had to request permission to use a number of images because they are not in the public domain. Reproducing a photograph or drawing after a Google search is very easy but it is illegal to use any images other than those already located in the public domain, as in Wiki Commons and some other sources. So, I want to thank the great photographers who have agreed already (I will give them full attribution in the section where their photographs appear on the site).  But I would also like to say how disappointing it is that Sydney’s premier zoo, Taronga Park Zoo in Mosman, Sydney, has refused permission to reproduce any of the photographs and images attributed to them and state that this is their  policy.

This seems very unhelpful for projects which are designed to help children understand more about Australia’s native animals and birds which support a commitment to environmental protection of often rare and endangered species (such as the bilby, which is so important in this story). So no thanks or acknowledgments to Taronga Park Zoo are due.

Entrance to Taronga Park Zoo – wikimedia commons

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