Working with the Illustrator

Keith Draws

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I needed a visual concept for the central character, Princess Sophie. My granddaughter Lulu is very blonde with blue eyes and pink skin. Pretty much what you would expect for a Princess. But I have another grand-daughter, Lulu’s cousin Lily, who has bright red hair and eyes that are brown but sometimes almost green.  What an enterprising brave person she is. I thought she would be a great role model for the Priceless Princess.

I found Keith Draws online. It was a great experience, working with an artist of such responsiveness and intelligence. It gave me a whole new perspective on the capacities of digital art.

I can’t thank Keith enough for his patience and assistance, including with internal design and layout. Creating books for the new world of digital publishing is so engrossing and challenging, not for the faint-hearted, although it is getting easier all the time. And I especially want to thank Keith’s two daughters to whom he read the story and who especially loved the flying pony.

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Keith’s cover design for Argel – Planet of Refuge.

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